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Classification and characteristics of aluminum alloy forged wheels


The classification of aluminum forged wheels and their respective characteristics, the wheels are also called rims, and the classification of Pengsheng aluminum alloy forging is mainly distinguished by the difference in materials and manufacturing processes. In terms of manufacturing process, there are two common types:

1. Forged wheels, the production process is simple, that is, the metal solution is poured into the mold for making the hub, and the characteristics of the wheel hub are: rich and diverse shapes, low manufacturing cost, relatively low price, low rigidity and The weight is the weakness, if there is no special requirement for lightweight and wheel steel, it is enough to meet the daily needs of various uses;

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Second, forged wheels, the production process is the use of a piece of material through high-pressure stamping one-piece molding, which is characterized by higher strength and better rigidity relative to forged wheels, and lighter weight, often subject to some performance Consumers with high requirements choose, of course, the price will increase with the improvement of quality. The shortcoming of forged (aluminum forged) wheels is that due to the limitations of the manufacturing process, the styles that can be made are relatively unforged. rich.

 Pengsheng Forging means that it can be divided into aluminum alloy, titanium alloy or other alloy material and carbon fiber material from the material. The material is continuously optimized to make the wheel with lighter weight and higher strength. After a brief introduction, I believe that you have some understanding of the role of the modified wheel and how to choose a suitable wheel for yourself


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