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Casting process of 6063 aluminum rod


The production of 6063 aluminum rods is processed into a single-sheet or coil-shaped material having a rectangular cross section by processes such as casting, ingot casting, various pre-rolling preparation, flat roll rolling, heat treatment and finishing.

1. Ingredients: According to the set Mg2Si, the excess Si quantity is estimated by how much magnesium (Mg), silicon (Si) control iron (Fe) content, and then the aluminum ingot is tested before the furnace, the waste contains silicon (Si), magnesium ( Mg), the amount of iron (Fe) determines the amount of addition;

2, melting: prevent silicon (Si) sinking slagging, magnesium (Mg) floating surface burning and hydrogen absorption;

3. Refining: Adding refining agent cryolite to dissolve Al 2O3 in the form of scum, releasing chlorine gas and hydrogen to form HCL volatilization, preventing secondary pollution caused by nitrogen impure (including O2, H2O), pure N2, scouring agent is The slag can be hit to basically no;

4. Casting: Temperature, speed, water pressure, and water temperature depend on the operator on site to find the optimal conditions and fix them in the form of documents.

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Several key parameters in the casting process:

1. Generally, the furnace temperature is set to 1050 °C during smelting. During the process, the material temperature needs to be monitored, and the control metal temperature does not exceed 770 °C;

2. The slag slag operation is carried out at about 735 ° C, which is favorable for the separation of the slag liquid;

3. Refining generally adopts secondary refining method, one refining plus solid refining agent, and the second refining adopting gas refining method;

4, after the furnace is allowed to stand, generally 30min-1h need to be cast in time, otherwise it needs to be re-refined;

5. Ai-Ti-B wire needs to be continuously added during the casting process to refine the grains


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