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Advantages of aluminum flanges in industrial applications


Aluminum flanges are a type of flange. When used industrially, this type of aluminum flange has a comparative advantage, as follows:

1. Non-toxic: Aluminum itself is not toxic, so aluminum flange is more suitable for medical machinery and food processing industries.

2, corrosion resistance, good image resistance: aluminum and aluminum alloy flange, the country's surface can produce a hard and dense oxide film, many substances do not cause it to fall off.

3, chemical resistance: aluminum flange does not respond to bismuth, glacial acetic acid, and other chemicals, has very good tolerance.

4. Low temperature resistance: When the aluminum flange is low in temperature, its strength is increased without brittleness, so it is a imaginary cryogenic device material.

5, good strength: aluminum flange mechanical properties are not as good as steel, but higher than its strength, can be added copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloying elements, made of aluminum alloy and then heat treatment, resulting in high strength.

6, beautiful, suitable for a variety of surface treatment: aluminum flange and its alloy flange surface has an oxide film, silver white, relatively beautiful. If it is oxidized, the oxide film on the surface is firmer, and it can also be dyed or the like. Create a variety of colors and shiny surfaces.

7, no magnetic: aluminum flange is non-magnetic.

Aluminum flange

8, light weight: aluminum flange is lighter than other material flanges. It can save on handling and processing costs.


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