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Aluminum rod production process


Aluminum rod casting process casting includes melting, purification, impurity removal, degassing, slag removal and casting processes. The main process is:

(1) Ingredients: Calculate the amount of various alloy components according to the specific alloy grades that need to be produced, and reasonably match various raw materials.

(2) Smelting: The prepared raw materials are added to the melting furnace for melting according to the process requirements, and the impurities and gases in the melt are effectively removed by degassing and slag refining means.

(3) Casting: The molten aluminum liquid is cooled and cast into various round casting rods under a certain casting process condition through a deep well casting system.

The aluminum rod production line is roughly divided into a melting casting workshop, a mold workshop, an extrusion workshop, a aging workshop, a packaging workshop, a finished product warehouse, and an aluminum rod warehouse.

The following is a key analysis of the casting workshop, extrusion workshop, and aging workshop.


Aluminum casting

(1) Casting process

The ultimate goal of the casting process is to produce aluminum rods that meet the requirements. To produce these aluminum rods, the process is required: smelting → casting → sawing rods → homogenization of aluminum rods → cooling, washing rods → aluminum rods entering the warehouse.

1. Melting process in the melting and casting workshop: furnace → melting → complete melting by mixing → adding waste → melting → adding waste → completely melting → spreading agent and slag agent → slag → stirring → sampling, pre-furnace analysis → adding Al- Si (Sl-Cu, Cr additive), Mg ingot → stirring → sampling, post-furnace analysis → composition adjustment → refining → slag covering → standing

2, casting

3, sawing material

4, aluminum rod homogenization

5, cooling, washing the stick

(2) Extrusion process

Extrusion process: pre-press preparation → extrusion → stretch straightening → sawing finished product → frame repairing

1. Preparation before extrusion

2, squeeze

3, stretch straightening

4, sawing finished products, trimming frame

(3) Aging process 6061-T6 state: cooling after solution heat treatment to achieve high strength. No further cold working 6061-T6511 state: cooling after solution heat treatment to achieve high strength, and then correcting straightening process. 6061-T651 state : After solution heat treatment, it is cooled to achieve high strength. Then it is cold-stretched by a stretching machine to eliminate residual internal stress after heat treatment, so as to achieve no deformation after deep processing to ensure the precision of machined products.


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