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Direct car accessories flange


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Taixing Pengsheng Forging Co., Ltd. has developed three companies, namely Taixing Pengsheng Forging Co., Ltd. Taixing Rongzhida Metal Products Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Pengsheng Light Alloy Technology Co., Ltd. is a collection of aluminum alloy extrusion, aluminum alloy. Forging aluminum alloy parts development as a comprehensive enterprise. The company occupies an area of 25 acres, 12,000 square meters, 60 employees, 60 million annual sales, strong technical force, a high-quality management, technology, inspection, production team, can be widely used according to the performance requirements of products provided by customers in various industries. Automobile, motorcycle, electric power, high-speed rail, etc. is a professional aluminum alloy forging processing company with complete and effective quality assurance system and reliable production and processing technology. It has 1600 tons of forging press, one 1200 tons, one 1000 tons and one 500. Ton one can have 1600 tons, 630 tons of electric screw presses can produce 5mm ~ 800mm aluminum forged parts; heat treatment, quenching, aging, surface material pickling surface anodizing hard oxidation and CNC numerical control center and other equipment can meet Customer mold development and product finishing requirements. Greatly save customers' production and transportation costs and meet customer needs. The quality policy of "quality-oriented, credit-worthy, excellence, continuous improvement" has consistently provided customers with products and services that meet the requirements, and thus has been recognized and trusted by customers. We sincerely welcome customers at home and abroad to visit and negotiate business, and develop together for a better future.

Factory direct car modification parts flange


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Company Name: Taixing Pengsheng Forging Co., Ltd.

Address: Xinhua Group, Zhanggong Village, Hongqiao Town, Taizhou City

Fax: 0523-87433080

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E-mail: 878711040@qq.com