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What are the climate characteristics of the summer heat?


In ancient times, the heat was divided into three: "One rot is a firefly; the second is a run-up heat; the other is when the rain is heavy." When the heat is hot, the fireflies are oozing out. In the period of limited development of science and technology, people think that fireflies are rot. The grass became; after five days, the weather was more sultry and the land was very humid; in the next five days, there was often a large thunderstorm, and the heavy rain would weaken the heat and the weather began to transition to the beginning of autumn.

According to the heat and heat of the heat, there have been many farms that predict the weather, such as "big heat, Tiantou rest; big summer cool, water full pond" "big heat, cool after autumn" "big heat heat panic, four No frost in the month" "The heat is not hot, the winter is not cold" "The heat is not hot, it is bad winter".

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During the summer heat season, the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River are in a hot and rainy season, and the rain is like gold. Therefore, there are “small summer rains like silver, and great summer rains like gold”. “Fri and rain, 囤里多米” “Fu Tian Yufeng, Wufeng Mianfeng "The volts are not affected by drought, and one mu is increased by one." "There is rain and rain in the summer, and the water is heavy in the autumn; there is no rain and no rain in the summer, and it is drunk."

Great summer festivals, pay attention to more!

During the summer heat season, Zhejiang Taizhou has a “Great Summer Boat” activity along the coast. The fishermen took turns carrying the "big summer boat" on the street, the drums were soaring, the firecrackers were ringing, and the crowd stood on both sides of the street. The “Great Summer Boat” was finally transported to the dock for a series of blessing ceremonies. Subsequently, this "big summer boat" was pulled out of the fishing port by the fishing boat, lit at sea, and went with the water, in order to bless people's harvest and peace of life.


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