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How to improve the quality of 6063 aluminum rods


Selection of alloy composition

1. Selection of alloying element content

The composition of 6063 alloy has a wide range. In addition to considering mechanical properties and processing properties, the specific composition should also consider the surface treatment properties, that is, how the surface is treated and what kind of surface is to be obtained.

2. The influence of impurity elements

Second, the melting of 6063 aluminum alloy

1. Control the melting temperature

Aluminum alloy smelting is one of the most important process steps in the production of high-quality cast rods. If the process is not properly controlled, it will produce slag inclusions, pores, coarse grains, feather crystals and other casting defects in the casting, so it must be strictly controlled.

2. Use excellent flux and appropriate refining process

3. Grain refinement

Aluminum flange

Third, the casting of 6063 aluminum alloy

1. Choose a reasonable casting temperature

2. When conditions are met, fully preheat, dry the casting system such as launder and splitter plate to prevent hydrogen from reacting with aluminum liquid to cause hydrogen absorption.

3. In casting, avoid the turbulence and rolling of the aluminum liquid as much as possible. Do not easily stir the aluminum liquid in the launder and the shunt disc with the tool, so that the aluminum liquid crystallizes smoothly under the protection of the surface oxide film.

4. Filtration of aluminum liquid, filtration is the most effective way to remove non-metallic slag in aluminum liquid

4. Homogenization of 6063 aluminum alloy

There are two problems in the internal organization of the aluminum alloy rod produced by casting:

1 There is casting stress between grains;

2 Unbalance of chemical composition in grains caused by non-equilibrium crystallization.


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