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Use of aluminum alloys and related products


1. Traditional consumption areas with greater potential for application compared with foreign levels

With the change of consumption concept, the improvement of consumption level, the improvement of food and drug safety management, and the acceleration of industrialization process, aluminum lunch boxes, aluminum foil paper, aluminum alloy trays, wine packaging, aluminum alloy aerosol cans, aluminum storage The market prospects such as fuel tanks are large.

Second, the application areas that have significant social benefits to be promoted

Aluminum alloy bridges, aluminum alloy flood walls, etc., although the amount is not large, but has obvious social benefits.

The materials of China's flyovers are mainly made of steel and other non-aluminum alloys, while the aluminum alloy bridges that have been built account for less than 2%. Aluminum alloy flyover has been widely recognized and recognized for its light weight, high strength, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistance, recyclability, and environmental protection. Not only can the flyover be made of aluminum, but if the road bridge can gradually increase the proportion of aluminum used, the amount of aluminum used is much larger than that of the bridge.

The aluminum alloy flood wall has the characteristics of light weight and simple installation. According to the calculation of 40 kg per square meter of aluminum alloy flood wall, the amount of aluminum used for the 1 km long and 2 m high flood control wall is about 400 tons.

Aluminum flange

Third, the need to increase the investment in new technologies and applications of aluminum air batteries, aluminum alloy for seawater desalination. Aluminum air battery: Aluminum-air battery has high energy density, can achieve zero emission, no pollution, and easy to recycle during use. It can be used as power battery, signal battery, etc., and has broad application prospects. Aluminum alloy for seawater desalination: At present, the surface treatment technology of aluminum alloy pipe for seawater desalination is monopolized by foreign countries. The application of heat transfer tube “aluminum-based copper” in China's seawater desalination plant urgently needs to break through the anti-corrosion technology of heat transfer tube coating. in.


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