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5083 aluminum flange corrosion solution


When we use the 5083 aluminum flange, it is inevitable that there will be flange corrosion problems. In the face of this problem, we have to use some methods to deal with it.

1. We can use maintenance paint on the 5083 aluminum flange. The so-called maintenance paint is a hard film that can be directly bonded to the substrate. After using it, the corrosion problem can be effectively solved.

2. Mechanical methods. This is the actual protection of the 5083 aluminum flange with a protective cover and clamp sealing flange, etc., to reduce the corrosive material and the actual contact between it.

3. We can also wrap the surface of the 5083 aluminum flange with tape or semi-solid anti-corrosion tape, which can solve the corrosion problem well.

Defects in forging processing!

5083 aluminum flange

1. The white point of the inner defect, that is, the hot-forged processing has a smooth silver-white spot on the longitudinal section of the steel, and the shape is a circle or an ellipse. It seriously affects the elongation, section shrinkage and impact toughness of the workpiece.

2. Due to improper forgings, there are internal cracks in the shape of chicken claws or chevrons, and fine cracks may occur, which destroys the continuity of the metal. When the workpiece is subjected to high loads, especially repeated loads, it is destroyed early.

Rolling ring. Rolling ring refers to the production of ring-shaped parts of different diameters by special equipment grinding machine, and also used to produce wheel-shaped parts such as automobile wheels and train wheels.

Special forging. Special forging includes roll forging, cross wedge rolling, radial forging, liquid die forging, etc. These methods are more suitable for the production of parts with special shapes. For example, roll forging can be used as an effective preforming process to significantly reduce subsequent forming pressures; cross wedge rolling can produce steel balls, drive shafts, etc.; radial forging can produce large forgings such as barrels and step shafts.


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