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How to distinguish between forged and forged aluminum flanges


The aluminum flange is not well analyzed from the appearance analysis of forging or forging. The Qingrui Pipeline tells everyone about the analysis experience over the years:

First, from the price point of view: the aluminum flange sold in the market, the price of cast aluminum flange is cheap, the second is cast and forged, and the price of pure forged aluminum flange is high.

The second is to do a destructive analysis: the flange is cut in half, the cast aluminum flange has a small amount of trachoma, and the pure forged aluminum flange has almost no trachoma. Cast and forged aluminum flanges can sometimes be found to have cracks.

The third is to distinguish between size and finish (this is not generally not seen.): The aluminum flange of the casting process on the market generally has a negative tolerance of 1-5mm, the edge chamfer is irregular, and the edge hole burr is not smooth. Because cheap work is not so fine. Forged aluminum flanges have small tolerances or positive tolerances.

Aluminum flange aluminum forgings

Market similarity of aluminum flange products. The fewer similar products on the market, the less price competition we face, and vice versa. Therefore, for the aluminum flange series products, we constantly develop new models to meet the special requirements of customers. Often, the profit margin of such orders is much higher than that of the general model, and it also occupies a larger share of the profit of our factory.


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