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Factors affecting the profit margin of aluminum flange manufacturers


1. The price of raw materials such as aluminum plate and aluminum powder fluctuates. The rise and fall of the price of raw materials directly affects the production cost of aluminum flange manufacturers. This is particularly evident when the price fluctuation of aluminum flanges is relatively small.

Aluminum forgings

2. Market similarity of aluminum flange products. The fewer similar products on the market, the less price competition we face, and vice versa. Therefore, for the aluminum flange series products, we constantly develop new models to meet the special requirements of customers. Often, the profit margin of such orders is much higher than that of the general model, and it also occupies a larger share of the profit of our factory.

3. Marketing strategy and sales skills. Gaoming's sales communication skills can make our customers shift from simple price comparison to paying more attention to product quality and after-sales service, which is our characteristic advantage; in addition, we have greatly reduced the application of traditional marketing methods. Significantly reduce the cost of business outbound, and instead use the means of network marketing, including website seo, bidding promotion, B2B platform, etc., increase the chance of customers actively finding us, and indirectly increase the success rate of signing, which makes us carry out aluminum The sales of flanged pipe fittings have greatly reduced operating costs and also increased the profit margin of our factory.


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Company Name: Taixing Pengsheng Forging Co., Ltd.

Address: Xinhua Group, Zhanggong Village, Hongqiao Town, Taizhou City

Fax: 0523-87433080

Mobile: 13815910111

E-mail: 878711040@qq.com