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6082 aluminum rod


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1. 6082 is a heat-treated reinforced alloy with good formability, weldability, machinability and corrosion resistance, and moderate strength. It can maintain good operability after annealing, mainly used in machinery. Structural aspects include bars, plates, tubes and profiles. This alloy has similar but not identical mechanical properties to the 6061 alloy, and its -T6 state has higher mechanical properties. Alloy 6082 is a very common alloy in Europe and has a high application in the United States. It is suitable for processing raw materials, seamless aluminum tubes, structural profiles and custom profiles. Alloy 6082 usually has good processing characteristics and good anode reaction properties. The most common methods of anodic reaction include removal of impurities and dyeing, coating, and the like.

 Aluminum rod

2. Alloy 6082 combines excellent weldability, brazeability, corrosion resistance, formability and machinability. The -0 and T4 states of Alloy 6082 are suitable for bending and forming applications. The -T5 and -T6 states are suitable for good machinability. Some specific machining requires the use of chip separators or other special processes to help separate the chips; 6082 Alloys generally have good processing characteristics and good anode reaction properties;

6082 is widely used in aerospace fixtures, trucks, tower buildings, boats, pipelines and other applications where building applications requiring strength, weldability and corrosion resistance are required. Such as: aircraft parts, camera lenses, couplers, marine accessories and hardware, electronic accessories and connectors, decorative or various hardware, hinged heads, magnetic heads, brake pistons, hydraulic pistons, electrical accessories, valves and valve parts.


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