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Forging of aluminium flange blank


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The advantages of aluminium flange over other flange products are as follows:

Light weight: Aluminum flange is lighter than other flange materials. It can save handling and processing costs.

2. Good strength: The mechanical properties of aluminium flange are not as good as that of steel, but higher than that of steel. It can be made into aluminium alloy by adding copper, magnesium, manganese and other alloying elements, which can be re-annealed to obtain high strength.

3, beautiful, suitable for all kinds of surface treatment: aluminium flange and its alloy flange surface has oxide film, silver white, relatively beautiful. If treated by oxidation, the oxide film on the surface is stronger and can be dyed and brushed. Make a variety of colors and glossy surfaces.

4. Corrosion resistance, good scene resistance: Aluminum and aluminium alloy flange, the surface of the country can produce a hard and dense oxide film, many substances do not have a degradation effect on it.

Chemical resistance: Aluminum flange does not react to nitric acid, glacial acetic acid, hydrogen peroxide and other chemicals, and has very good resistance.

6. No magnetism: Aluminum flange is non-magnetic.

7, non-toxicity: Aluminum itself is not toxic, so the aluminum flange is more suitable for medical machinery and food processing industries.

Low temperature resistance: When the temperature is low, the strength of aluminium flange increases instead of brittleness, so it is an ideal material for low temperature equipment.

products are widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electricity, machinery, tankers, ships, natural gas and other fields. We are committed to doing fine, bigger and stronger, to achieve complete specifications of core products, excellent performance, to meet customers'all-round needs; strengthen product innovation and market development, limit customer needs, win opportunities, lead the market, and ensure that there is room for development in the field of aluminium pipe processing.

Forging of aluminium flange blank


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