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Aluminum forgings are processed for some heat treatment purposes and effects


Aluminum forgings are articles in which the metal is subjected to pressure, plastic deformation to shape the desired shape or suitable contraction force. The casting process builds a sophisticated particle structure and improves the physical properties of the metal. In the fantasy use of parts, a correct imagination enables the particles to flow at the target of the main pressure.

There are many heating methods for metal heat treatment, starting with charcoal and coal as heat sources, and then applying liquid and gaseous fuels. Electrical applications make heating easy to control and environmentally friendly. These heat sources can be used for direct heating, or by indirect heating of molten salts or metals, or floating particles. Let's take a look at the purpose and effect of quenching and annealing in the heat treatment of aluminum forgings.

Aluminum casting

First, the purpose and use of quenching:

1. Improve the strength of the part and maintain high plasticity.

2. Improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum castings at 100 °C;

Used for aluminum castings under the impact of moving loads.

Note: When aluminum castings require high strength, aluminum castings must be kept for at least 4 days and nights from quenching to mechanical processing. T4 also indicates quenching and natural aging, the quenching temperature is about 500-535 ° C, and the quenching temperature of the aluminum-magnesium alloy is about 435 ° C.

Second, the purpose and use of annealing:

1. Eliminate the casting stress of aluminum castings and the work hardening caused during machining.

2. Improve shaping.

It is used to request aluminum alloy castings that are dimensionally stable during use. Suitable for casting aluminum alloy ZL101, ZL102.

Description: The annealing temperature is about 280~300 °C, and the temperature is 2~4h. Generally, aluminum castings are subjected to this treatment after casting or after roughing.


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