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The difference between casting rim and forged rim


Advantages of aluminum alloy wheels:

1, fuel economy

On average, each aluminum alloy wheel is 2kg lighter than a steel wheel of the same size, and 5 cars for one car can save 10kg. According to the Japanese experiment, the weight of a 5-seat car is reduced by 1kg, and about 20L of gasoline is saved in one year. The research report published by the American Society of Automotive Engineers pointed out that although aluminum alloy wheels are more expensive than ordinary steel wheels, when each car runs to 20,000 km, the fuel cost saved is enough to offset the cost.

2, increase engine life

Pengsheng aluminum alloy forging indicates that according to the engine load and power curve, when the load increases to a certain extent, its power will decrease. This margin will indicate that the engine will be more difficult per unit load (special fuel consumption) ), engine load is reduced, naturally reducing faults and extending life.

3, good heat dissipation

The heat transfer coefficient of aluminum alloy is three times that of steel. The heat dissipation effect is good. When the long-distance high-speed driving, the tire can be kept at an appropriate temperature, so that the brake drum and the tire are not easily deteriorated, the life is increased, and the chance of the puncture is reduced.

Aluminum casting

4, good roundness

Accuracy of up to 0.05mm, good balance of running performance, is conducive to eliminating the general body length and steering wheel jitter.

5, sturdy and durable

The impact strength, tensile strength and thermal strength of the aluminum alloy wheel hub are higher than those of the steel wheel hub. This is one of the reasons why aluminum alloy plays an important role in the defense industry and the aviation industry.


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