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Aluminum alloy wheel maintenance method


The aluminum alloy wheel hub has won the favor of more and more private car owners with its beautiful appearance, safety and comfort. Nowadays, almost all new models use aluminum alloy wheels, and many owners have replaced the original steel wheel hubs with aluminum alloy wheels. Here, aluminum flange forging manufacturers introduce the maintenance methods of aluminum alloy wheels.

1. When the temperature of the hub is high, it should be cleaned naturally and then cleaned. Never use cold water to clean it. Otherwise, the aluminum alloy wheel hub will be damaged, and even the brake disc will be deformed to affect the braking effect. Guardian aluminum alloy forging said that in addition to cleaning the aluminum alloy wheel with a cleaning agent at high temperatures, the surface of the wheel will be chemically reacted, losing luster and affecting the appearance.

Round aluminum flange

2. When the wheel is covered with hard-to-clear tar, if the general cleaning agent does not help, try to remove it with a brush, but do not use a hard brush, especially an iron brush, to avoid damage to the hub surface. Here, Guardian aluminum forging introduces a remedy for removing tar to private car owners: that is, using medicinal “active oil” to rub, can get unexpected results, may wish to try.

3. If the vehicle is wet, the hub should be cleaned to avoid corrosion of the aluminum surface.

4. After cleaning, if necessary, the wheel hub can be waxed and maintained to keep its gloss forever.


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