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Aluminum flange processing
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Stainless steel flange


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Anodic oxidation of aluminum is a point-deoxidation process in which the surfaces of aluminum and aluminum alloys are typically converted into an oxide film that is protective, decorative, and has other functional properties. The metal oxide film changes the surface state and properties, such as surface coloration, improves corrosion resistance, enhances wear resistance and hardness, and protects the metal surface. The anodization of aluminum on the surface of the film, the thickness of 5-30 microns, hard anodizing up to 25-150 microns, which not only improves hardness and wear resistance, but also increases good heat resistance. After a series of operations such as sand blasting, pickling and hard oxidation, our products not only make the appearance beautiful, but also greatly improve the performance of the product. A fully automatic oxidation line has perfect process and strict Operational specifications and perfect product quality have brought us the trust of our customers!

Aluminum flange processing


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