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What conditions need attention when flange processing


When aluminum flanges, we must first understand that such a component itself may have certain defects in the welding process. If the flange is welded, if it is serious, then it is basically a manual machine. For sanding, this method of sanding is used to make up for it. Relatively speaking, it may produce a series of grinding marks, which may cause unevenness of the surface more or less, which directly affects the beauty of the whole equipment.

When the flange is processed, it is possible to polish and polish unevenly. Therefore, in the process of performing a series of pickling and passivation, it is difficult to achieve a relatively uniform treatment effect on a relatively large workpiece, so if it is impossible If this effect is achieved, then it will definitely take more time in the process of processing, and relatively expensive materials for some auxiliary materials are also very high.

Aluminum flange forgings

In the process of processing, there is still a problem. There may be some scratches on the flange. These scratches are very difficult to remove. Therefore, in the case of overall passivation, under the condition of corrosive medium, it is often A series of chemical corrosion occurs, which produces some rust.

Then, once the flanges have these problems in the process of processing, how should they be solved? First of all, we must pay attention to the choice of materials, to choose different materials according to different situations, and then, to ensure that the processing in the right way.


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