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Aluminum flange processing
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Custom shaped parts processing


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Special-shaped parts processing, that is, the shape of the strange shape of the finished products processed, that is, non-standard parts.

Product classification is generally: standard parts and non-standard parts.

Standard parts are most products. Normally, the size, material and specifications used are the same. Such products are usually in stock.

Non-standard parts are individual products. The dimensions, materials and specifications used under special circumstances are different. This product is usually non-inventory, according to the design drawings made. advantage

Special-shaped processing parts are non-standard parts, which can be adapted to local conditions and time, so that you can be more assured of the products. As long as it is what you want, you can tailor it to your own characteristics.


Because it is customized for you, so only you can use, also belong to one-time goods. If the next size change, all previous products are less likely to be reused. No stock.

Forging of aluminium flange blank


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