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The trend of forging


First, the forging industry should have the concept of elimination

  At present, there are many obstacles restricting the development of China's forging industry, but eliminating or not eliminating it is one of the important factors hindering the development of the industry. Some companies only have a few unloaded forging hammers. They can only produce a few hammers or completely outdated items every month. They hope to produce good products. As a result, a small amount of investment has been found to be a bubble, and the consequences can be imagined. The forging industry must have such an understanding. When enterprises are particularly difficult, they must be brave enough to give up and regenerate or invest huge sums of money to completely renovate and regenerate. For some equipment and technologies that have been particularly aging, they must be eliminated, and there should be no thought of maintaining. With the reform and opening up, advanced theories of Western developed countries have begun to be accepted in the forging industry. In the next few years, some companies will be closed or merged and regenerated, which is an unstoppable trend. Dalian City merged the forging plants (shops) of the four plants in 1999, and Dalian Forging Co., Ltd. was established.

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Second, go abroad to open up new markets

Some people of insight in the industry believe that going out of the country and seeking the market is the only way for China's forging enterprises. Otherwise, China's forging market will become a big market for foreign forging production enterprises to compete. In the next few years, the conditions and efforts of China's forging industry to the world are: it is conducive to the export of forging products, the forgings can be used to produce forgings with the same level of materials as international materials; forging enterprises should enhance their strength. This is the participation of forging enterprises in China. Things that must be solved before international competition, namely: technology needs innovation, price reduction, production efficiency; forging enterprises' foreign trade (export) talent training will become more and more important; some good production lines and forging companies with special strengths will be expected Become a vanguard in the international market.

Third, the forecast of the forging market

This is a difficult question to clarify. Here mainly stand in the market development of enterprises, talk about several possible product markets, for enterprises to explore the market and technology development: car complex steering knuckles and high-precision broken links; synchronizer ring; pulley precision molding; motorcycle Precision molding of the main and auxiliary shafts of the engine and the complete set of teeth; car tire bolts; high quality and stable synchronizer ring and engine aluminum forgings; cold extrusion automotive axle forgings, 56 types of trucks, 52 types of light trucks, pre-cars 23 kinds of shafts; spline shaft cold forming; cold forged gears; excavator tines; copper forgings such as air conditioners; architectural decorative parts and high quality automotive tools and aluminum fire extinguisher bottles for automobiles; engineering machinery forgings, construction and building Road mechanical forgings, scaffolding fasteners, etc.


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